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Flying Furniture Cycles is Australia's most experienced recumbent retailer. We sell the broadest range of recumbent bikes and trikes in Australia with over 40 recumbent trikes and recumbent bikes to test all in one place right here.

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General information about recumbent bicycles, including their advantages, tips on choosing the right bike for you, background information and links to related web pages.

M5 power measurements

Many 2 wheel recumbents and a few 3 wheel recumbents are faster than standard road racing bicycles given the same rider and same rider power output...

Click on the link here to take you the questionaire that helps us recommend a few different brands or models for you:

Front wheel drive recumbent bikes have been around for a long time and have a shorter chain? Why have they been rejected by most recumbent designers?

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Tired of juggling that unwieldy treadlie into the back of a car? Living in a shoebox? Want to take your transport with you almost anywhere you go? A folding bike may be just the answer.

An interesting (maybe even funny ;-) video of possible new airbag head protection - "helmet airbag" technology...

Velomobiles appear faster than standard bicycles on flat race tracks and long flat rides so why do Velomobiles fail the daily commute test?

ICE Adventure

General photo gallery of customers and also bikes and trikes built up here in the shop ...

Flying Furniture has some of the world's best touring and urban commuting bikes available from Tout Terrain in Germany, Koga Miyata touring bikes and the special "crank forward" bikes from Rans in the USA.


For both touring and shopping, a bike trailer may be just the ticket. Trailers from CHARIOT in Canada and CROOZER.